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Hentai: Himitsu no Ofuro!

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, It was the clown fishes they were ready to born!, He saw how the clown fishes broke the sack that their parents had created to seal his belly button, these animals went directly to David's pubes, they were rather warm and he started feeling something else inside his anus, the octopuses were ready to born there, He had to push to expel them, his anus stayed quite big after that

David couldn't feel anymore, the worm in his head disabled all kind of feelings and emotions, he was there just to provide food to everyone

Governments around the world couldn't believe that Alex's plan worked so well, the sea life population increased to billions in just three months, they all agreed that David should stay there for the rest of his life and they even made a holiday in his name “The day of the Aquatic boy”, ”

“No, please stop!” “Don't do this to me” replied David with a sad face

“Too late boy, I can do with you whatever I want” said Alex

Suddenly a giant brown bush started growing in David's pubic area, he stared getting hairy everywhere except for his arms and face, Alex wanted him to keep his cute boy face

David was thinking “At least one day I'm going to die and all this hell that I'm about to live is going to disappear”

Alex suddenly said “You were the only candidate that we had for this; we don't want to lose you so,

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