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” I was shocked; I could not believe my luck; I hoped Sarita would do as requested by my mami , Sarita got up without removing her mouth from Lata's breasts and so did Lata – both were standing and then Sarita took her mouth off; straightened and embraced Lata bodily with her breasts crushing Lata's breasts, They were almost the same height and that was quite useful now for the breasts on each other and just as I was wondering what was going to happen then – Sarita moved in closer in embrace and put her mouth on Lata's and started kissing on her mouth and I was shocked to see two topless women with breasts crushed against each other kissing in front of me, Lata remarked, “Oh, you have not nice boobs, you need not feel shy in exposing it in front of both of us,

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